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These women. All the skills. Go see their shows at Bett gallery now. Sally Rees and Amanda Davies. (r-l)

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Monstering and other thoughtforms

I’ve become such a slow blogger! It’s all Instagrams fault. (if you’d like to hear from me more regularly you can follow me there. Look for @sallyr ).

But most of the news REALLY has been total non-news. Silent, dilligent PhD slog. So let’s blame Instagram AND the PhD in tandem.

HOWEVER, Monstering and other thoughtforms opened last night at Bett Gallery. It’s my second solo commercial show made up of a combo of animated watercolour and video loops and handpainted digital prints.

I’ve been working hard on it and I’m pretty proud of the results.

You can check out the gallery catalogue HERE but I’ve popped short video samples (such as the one above) up on Vimeo now so feel free to check them out there if you won’t make it to North Hobart over the next month.

P.S. Amanda Davies is the artist showing simultaneously at the gallery. She’s an amazing painter of wonderful work and totally worth the visit alone.


Just a little thing.


This is a sketch for a larger work, The Mountain Eater, that hasn’t happened yet.

It (the sketch) is going to be in a show at Constance ARI called Constantly Inflight, a show of recent work by board members and staff, past and present in both the ARI’s incarnations: Constance AKA Inflight.

It’s just a little thing about 33 x 23cm (framed), watercolour over inkjet printed on watercolour paper and I’m putting it up for a silent auction to raise money for the gallery. So if you like it a lot – BID ON IT and help out a gallery, run mostly by volunteers, that offers you great new and experimental art to see for FREE.

The show opens on Saturday July 12 Thursday July 10 and continues til 2 August with the auction taking place on opening night. Lots of really interesting artists have sat on the Constance/Inflight board over the years which should make for a cool show and possibly some art-shopping bargains.

Yum. Art bargains. Come on over.


AIR BHS 2014

Me grades 7 and 10. Got older. Wore more eyeliner.

Matt Warren and I have just completed a 6 week residency in Burnie (accompanied by now 4 year old Arthur) as a part of the AIR program developed by arts@work in partnership with the Australia Council for the Arts.

Burnie is the town where we were both born and raised and Burnie High School (where we ‘resided’) is the school we both attended through grades 7 – 10. I completed in 1986, Matt in 1987.

There’s a blog we’ve been keeping (and will continue to keep) – Room Fifty Eight where you can check in on our North West Coast exploits. We went focussed on the project as a hauntological one and I’m excited by the edge of nostalgic environmentalism that our hauntology has developed. Ideas were explored both singularly and in collaboration with a view to developing new material, hence us returning to Hobart with much to still be completed or realised. But it’s been fertile. You could grow quality spuds in our brains right now.

If you haven’t checked it out, please do.

We are so thankful to arts@work (Wendy Morrow in particular), Burnie High School and our NW contingent of family and friends who all combined to make it so easy for our small family to be there and for Matt and I to take a happy stab at collaborating again. It’s been great.


The Pickup Artists – till June 1


It has been very remiss of me not to post about this show (among other things). It’s been a big project (in cahoots with the marvellous Mish Meijers) and we are both very proud of it. It’s an art-manifestation of our quest for contact with paranormal entities and features a collaborative sequence of works as well as individual artists ‘rooms’ in the gallery at Contemporary Art Tasmania. There is a work that screens at night on the front of the building as well. If you’re in Hobart and have the opportunity, it’s on till June 1. Get in there. Neenish.

(documentation coming soon for those of you from elsewhere…)



It’s finally finished! Thanks to all involved: band, lads/dancers and Nancy the Dance Mistress.

Allow me to present STAB, the single from M.0.1.0.‘s album 1.0-SYMPT0MS to be released June 28, 2013 on vinyl via Rough Skies Records roughskiesrecords.blogspot.com.au/, cassette via Sonoptik  & download/CD-R via M010 Music .

Video by ME!

If you’ll be in Hobart on Friday you should DEFINITELY come to the album launch, 9pm @ The Brisbane Hotel.

What fun we’ll have…


Winter like a MOFO


If you check in here with any regularity you might remember earlier this year I participated in the incredible MONAFOMA (or MOFO) festival (that we are so lucky to have here) for the first time as a part of the No Mates Ensemble. It had been a long time since I had done any live performance and that was a real hoot, so when I was invited to take part in the third incarnation of Sound to Light, a kind of blind-date collaboration project, I thought I’d like to try doing something live again and this time I wanted to do some spoken word. After making that bold decision, the stakes for this rose somewhat with the announcement that THIS Sound to Light would be staged as a part of the considerably more high-profile DARK MOFO, the inaugural dark twin to our usual Summer event. So eep. A slightly bigger step than I was ready for but I’m diving in.

My blind date is musician, composer and electro-savant Rod Berry and with us both dreading the coming Winter it seemed our meetings were full of sniffles, common cold remedies, soup recipes and whatnot. As a result what has developed is a performed incantation of protection against the coming big freeze, collaged and extracted from siginfiers of warmth and comfort: soups, knitting patterns, Beach Boys songs.

I’ve been working on a system that will randomise my cut-up text and feed it back to me like an autocue. First I designed an app, but it turned out I was not able to actually install it without paying an annual developers fee to Apple. $99US per annum. As someone with little to no interest in developing apps for distribution, my response was: sod that and BOOOOOOOO.

But I’m liking the perfomance aesthetic of the phone which is considerably different to, and I think perhaps a little more ‘present’ than, laptop performance so I’m sticking with it and have translated my app instead into a phone-scaled website. I’m getting really interested now in the idea of developing my own  ‘performance tools’ (something musos have done for a long time) and have designed it so it will cast a warm glow over my face as I recite the generated incantation. This gif here is kind of a mockup of an early draft design and it’s ended up not too dissimilar.

In the meantime Rod’s having fun with Fair Isle and I’m getting really excited as we start to pull it all together. The event will happen @ Salamanca Arts Centre (Hobart) and Fed Sqare (Melbourne) with a bit of the old web simulcast between the two locations , Saturday June 15, 6pm.

Maybe see you there? MOFOs?

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