Andrew Harper has got some good writing gigs these days and has written about Exhaust with a very positive response to The Rowan Reynolds Project in two publications; our local rag, The Mercury (you can download and read a pdf of it here) and more briefly in an overfiew of this years MOFO festival in RealTime Arts here.

It’s immensely gratifying to have someone absorb the work fully and respond thoughtfully. I understand it’s not an easy work to grasp quickly or lightly.

It really is a very interesting show, full of big thoughts and light on hard resolution so if the idea of that + the Harper summations whet your appetite, you have until the weekend to get in to CAT. Last day February 14.

Catalogue with the bulk of my contribution can be found online for as long as the internet lasts.



One thought on “Press

  1. I found this all very interesting Sal. So nice for your work to be publicly written up so positively. Well done, we are very proud of you. Love Mum. XX Sent from my iPad


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