I am an artist and writer based in Hobart, Tasmania and variously produce video, installations, a little performance, objects, photography and drawings as well as dabbling in both the written and spoken word. I’m currently doing research towards a PhD at the Tasmanian School of Art (UTAS) which has made the blog a little quieter for a while. I have also produced a totally bitchen web-comic with Tricky Walsh called Sally and Tricky Talk Shit About Things.

I’ve loved collaborating with all sorts of folk and organisations in general. Previous collaborators include; Australian visual artists such as Mish Meijers, Sean Bacon, Tim Stone, John Vella and my partner Matt Warren; writer/curator Edward Colless; performer Deborah Pollard; and filmmaker Toni-Lynn Frederick (Canada/UK).

So far being an artist hasn’t made me rich but it has sent me around the world a few times. Part of my heart belongs forever to Prague, Cambridge, Hanoi and Paris but there’s no place like home.

There’s a partner, a son and a dog. They’re all brilliant.

My website is http://www.sallyrees.com.au can show you my CV, some pictures,and direct you to my video archive. 

This blog, which I’ve kept since 2006, is part artists sketchbook, part art and pop culture zine, part diary, part soapbox and in the past has been something of a family album to.  In addition it always has the latest news about me before it ever makes it onto the website proper. 

If you’d like to drop me a line but you’re shy about blog comments, you can email me at sallyrees70@gmail.com.