exhaust opened last night at Contemporary Art Tasmania as a part of the MOFO program and is curated by Erin Sickler.

exhaust is a multi-sited project that begins from an impossible position: how to work, survive and thrive on a planet in crisis.

exhaust is not so much an exhibition, a fixed and singular event, as a trace, a serpent amidst shifting sands.

Following the transmission of cultural information and artworks made by 15 artists across various modes of distribution, from the singular space of the gallery to the seemingly infinite expanses of the web, the project aims to trouble paradigmatic assumptions about what it means to “be”, on a changing planet, at any place and time.

My project, The Rowan Reynolds Project, has been conducted as my contribution to this exhibition and a new work of Rowan’s Dregs, appears in the gallery. It’s been a simultaneously pleasurable and challenging experience that I continue to learn from.

Still from Dregs, video loop 3:14, Rowan Reynolds 2016

The structure and content of the exhibition has been a malleable and evolutionary process and I was excited to see it all come together and experience the links between the works that Erin has found/observed. It’s a show I find genuinely interesting but the best of it won’t be gained from a quick visit. Spend some time if you’re visiting.

Despite a 24 hour tech hitch that led me to post my text-content below, the online catalogue for exhaust is now entirely up and live – it’s a more attractive place to read my words which are laid out thoughtfully. I’ll leave my emergency posts here though – it may not exist forever.

exhaust continues until February 15, 2016


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