My book has arrived

…with an assortment of the other beauties in the series of Documents of Psychic Amateurs.

My book is here!

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It looks LOVELY and the other books are just dreamy too.

So excited to be a part of this collection and I wish I was going to be at Lucky’s Comics tomorrow for the launch but sadly, here I sit on the other side of the globe. Regardless it still makes me feel a bit more EXCITING and INTERNATIONAL.

Below is a quick flick of a few (but by no means all) of my DoPA colleagues.

It’s all making me very cheery and all thanks to the fine folks at Perro Verlag and the Institute for the Science of Identity for their co-publishing efforts.


3 thoughts on “My book has arrived

  1. Hi Sal, I have just gone into your blog, never had an Instagram before, & it didn’t show your book. Three others I think but not yours !

    I thought yours to be fabulous, better than the others. I am prejudiced I know, but, yours appealed to me more.

    I am pleased you are pleased with it too.

    I am one of your greyest ( that Spelling mistake was unintentional but appropriate so I will leave it) greatest fans you know.

    Love always, Mum. XX. Sent from my iPad


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