My book has arrived

…with an assortment of the other beauties in the series of Documents of Psychic Amateurs.

My book is here!

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It looks LOVELY and the other books are just dreamy too.

So excited to be a part of this collection and I wish I was going to be at Lucky’s Comics tomorrow for the launch but sadly, here I sit on the other side of the globe. Regardless it still makes me feel a bit more EXCITING and INTERNATIONAL.

Below is a quick flick of a few (but by no means all) of my DoPA colleagues.

Some more (but by no means all) of the other DoPA (Documents of Psychic Amateurs) publications.

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It’s all making me very cheery and all thanks to the fine folks at Perro Verlag and the Institute for the Science of Identity for their co-publishing efforts.


3 thoughts on “My book has arrived

  1. Hi Sal, I have just gone into your blog, never had an Instagram before, & it didn’t show your book. Three others I think but not yours !

    I thought yours to be fabulous, better than the others. I am prejudiced I know, but, yours appealed to me more.

    I am pleased you are pleased with it too.

    I am one of your greyest ( that Spelling mistake was unintentional but appropriate so I will leave it) greatest fans you know.

    Love always, Mum. XX. Sent from my iPad


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