I <3 Perro Verlag

Perro Verlag Books by Artists have taken Ectoplasmic and turned it into a book, Ectoplasm, to be released in Vancouver August 29 as a series of publications, Documents of Psychic Amateurs. Quite a few years back I was proud to be involved in another Psychic Amateurs project, iPAWS (International Psychic Amateurs Work/Study) so the continuity here is like a nice deep breath. This project has been in the works a while so seeing photos this morning got me so excited I got muddled and posted everywhere except here so I shall just repost my instagrams on the subject below. For the sake of proper record-keeping. And information giving. Incidentally, in a nice dab of synchronicity, my book was printed last week on my birthday.

The book will be available from Perro Verlag’s website (click the link above) after the launch August 29.

(photo by Jo Cook)

(photo by Emily Jarvis Goodenough)


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