Sweet Tribology

The image in the new header above is one of three I’ve made for French-born, Tasmanian-based artist Julia Drouhin‘s new project Sweet Tribology: radiophonic women. I got really excited after I made them and suddenly replaced my head all over the web with this witch.

Drouhin is primarily a sound artist and this project draws 40 women together to create new sound works with accompanying images.  A boxed collection of the recordings published as picture discs and wrapped lovingly in their artist-designed covers will travel with Drouhin for broadcast throughout a series of garden picnics around the world (firstly in Spain @ LABoral) where chocolate disc pressings of the same recordings will also be played and eaten.

The source material for each work comes from recordings Drouhin has made from wax cylinders archived at SPAT (the Sound Preservation Society of Tasmania) that she’s selected for each of the sound contributers.

I have made three images to adorn and house the work made by Nancy Mauro-Flude a record featuring Miss Despoina (AKA Nancy Mauro Flude)’s 0 mythical Land on side A and Rosa Menkman‘s Chocolat ghost on the B side.

Front cover:         SweetTribologycoverRecto

Back cover:         SweetTribologycoverVerso

and picture disc: SweetTribology_picturedisc2

It’s nice to be a part of something Julia’s cooking up.  She seems to tackle everything with a light touch but a considered heart and a sense of fun that I really enjoy.

Funds are being raised via a Pozible campaign to assist with the projects costs and there are some GREAT rewards, including (but definitely not limited to) customised Glomesh accessories, nibble-packs of broken chocolate records and unframed prints of the artwork of your choice. So if perchance you follow this blog because you like my work (as opposed to following because you’re my Mum and Dad – Hi Mum and Dad!!!) you could donate money to help a cracking project along AND get a print at the same time. Interested? Go here to view the full rewards list and to make a donation.


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