Words and words and words

I am required to write a lot of words for the ol’ PhD, which I’m sure comes as no suprise. And I have done it before for the MFA, so I know deep down that I CAN do it, but I had lost confidence with it. I used to LOVE writing but had become self-conscious and doubtful of my abilities. This was probably also evidenced in the shortage of blogging over here.

But recently Ruth Hadlow, an artist in residence at TCotA (where I am conducting my research) held a series of workshops in writing for artists. These were not workshops in academic writing, more like playful reading and discussion groups where we would take a style modelled in the weeks reading and try to apply it to our own work and concerns.

It got things moving and I got to commit some thoughts to paper that (while not in a form that I can paste straight into the exegesis) did at least extract thread-ends from my mind and draw them out to be examined and restructured.

The last piece of writing I had done before this was my artists statement for the Monstering And Other Thoughtforms exhibition which I think didn’t actually make it onto the Bett Gallery website catalogue in the end.

These works depict the energy of thought in various levels of ‘harness’, from a functional channelled power through to an uncontrolled force of disfigurement. 

Watercolour (used in animation and over photographs) makes a visual analogy equally as awkward to restrain and coax as the cognitive process itself.

Pretty dry, eh?

In one of Ruth’s workshops discussing artists statements, I got the feedback that an exercise I had written (and really struggled with) would make a great artists statement. Ruth even suggested I send it to the gallery and ask them to upload it to go alongside my show catalogue.  Halfway through the exhibitions run, staff are probably more concerned and busy with getting things running for the NEXT show now, so I thought I would post it here instead. And maybe even a couple more pieces I’ve worked up through the workshop.

Here they come….


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