Monstering and other thoughtforms

I’ve become such a slow blogger! It’s all Instagrams fault. (if you’d like to hear from me more regularly you can follow me there. Look for @sallyr ).

But most of the news REALLY has been total non-news. Silent, dilligent PhD slog. So let’s blame Instagram AND the PhD in tandem.

HOWEVER, Monstering and other thoughtforms opened last night at Bett Gallery. It’s my second solo commercial show made up of a combo of animated watercolour and video loops and handpainted digital prints.

I’ve been working hard on it and I’m pretty proud of the results.

You can check out the gallery catalogue HERE but I’ve popped short video samples (such as the one above) up on Vimeo now so feel free to check them out there if you won’t make it to North Hobart over the next month.

P.S. Amanda Davies is the artist showing simultaneously at the gallery. She’s an amazing painter of wonderful work and totally worth the visit alone.


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