Just a little thing.


This is a sketch for a larger work, The Mountain Eater, that hasn’t happened yet.

It (the sketch) is going to be in a show at Constance ARI called Constantly Inflight, a show of recent work by board members and staff, past and present in both the ARI’s incarnations: Constance AKA Inflight.

It’s just a little thing about 33 x 23cm (framed), watercolour over inkjet printed on watercolour paper and I’m putting it up for a silent auction to raise money for the gallery. So if you like it a lot – BID ON IT and help out a gallery, run mostly by volunteers, that offers you great new and experimental art to see for FREE.

The show opens on Saturday July 12 Thursday July 10 and continues til 2 August with the auction taking place on opening night. Lots of really interesting artists have sat on the Constance/Inflight board over the years which should make for a cool show and possibly some art-shopping bargains.

Yum. Art bargains. Come on over.


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