Winter like a MOFO


If you check in here with any regularity you might remember earlier this year I participated in the incredible MONAFOMA (or MOFO) festival (that we are so lucky to have here) for the first time as a part of the No Mates Ensemble. It had been a long time since I had done any live performance and that was a real hoot, so when I was invited to take part in the third incarnation of Sound to Light, a kind of blind-date collaboration project, I thought I’d like to try doing something live again and this time I wanted to do some spoken word. After making that bold decision, the stakes for this rose somewhat with the announcement that THIS Sound to Light would be staged as a part of the considerably more high-profile DARK MOFO, the inaugural dark twin to our usual Summer event. So eep. A slightly bigger step than I was ready for but I’m diving in.

My blind date is musician, composer and electro-savant Rod Berry and with us both dreading the coming Winter it seemed our meetings were full of sniffles, common cold remedies, soup recipes and whatnot. As a result what has developed is a performed incantation of protection against the coming big freeze, collaged and extracted from siginfiers of warmth and comfort: soups, knitting patterns, Beach Boys songs.

I’ve been working on a system that will randomise my cut-up text and feed it back to me like an autocue. First I designed an app, but it turned out I was not able to actually install it without paying an annual developers fee to Apple. $99US per annum. As someone with little to no interest in developing apps for distribution, my response was: sod that and BOOOOOOOO.

But I’m liking the perfomance aesthetic of the phone which is considerably different to, and I think perhaps a little more ‘present’ than, laptop performance so I’m sticking with it and have translated my app instead into a phone-scaled website. I’m getting really interested now in the idea of developing my own  ‘performance tools’ (something musos have done for a long time) and have designed it so it will cast a warm glow over my face as I recite the generated incantation. This gif here is kind of a mockup of an early draft design and it’s ended up not too dissimilar.

In the meantime Rod’s having fun with Fair Isle and I’m getting really excited as we start to pull it all together. The event will happen @ Salamanca Arts Centre (Hobart) and Fed Sqare (Melbourne) with a bit of the old web simulcast between the two locations , Saturday June 15, 6pm.

Maybe see you there? MOFOs?


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