Making an archive

In the wake of the Bett Gallery show opening, I decided to finally bite the bullet and create an online archive of my video works. This has never happened before now because in the early days of online video hosting, I wasn’t happy with the quality. This has SIGNIFICANTLY changed now and while the compression can still be problematic, particularly for some of these newer animated works, for the most part they look great and it’s really satisfying to see them all up. I’ve used this blog repeatedly to have a whinge about video being an art form that exists simply as data and without an exhibition, simply remains unseen. Well, this is an opportunity to stop the annual whinge in it’s tracks and actually do something about that.

I’m drawing the line at work from my undergrad days, but there’s stuff from all over my professional practicing career. It’s still incomplete but there will be plenty more going up over the next month. I doubt EVERYTHING I’ve ever made will go up but you can see stuff that dates back to 2000 so far and yes, even back that far it’s MOSTLY videos of my head.

I obviously have a schtick, But we knew that, right?

The work embedded here, Mustang Sally is an exception (still me though), a personal favourite and represents one of those works that I dearly wish had had a greater life than a single installation.

You can view the whole archive here and if you’re really keen, keep checking back as more stuff from all over the timeline is being uploaded over the next couple of months.


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