The vital noodle

…in that this piece, Ectoplasmic, was what I was noodling away at earlier this year when I thought I might just have a project for further postgrad study and decided to apply for the PhD program. In it’s first stages at any rate, my research is about non-linear time. I love me some loops, which is how I (very slowly) came back to gifs. I used to make them for my first websites in the 90’s. Crazy days.

The frames here are watercolour and coffee over inkjet and while initially it was poverty that led me to include the frames where my printer’s ink supply gave out on me, I like the added texture – like old-fashioned broadcast telelvision signal interferance – something we’ll never see again I guess.

I’ll be having my first commercial exhibition at Bett Gallery in their rear/trial space near the end of the year and I think this will be the direction I head for that as well. Brief animated video loops and the painted frames that make them up.  I think.

Just quietly, I can’t tell you what a hoot it is to suddenly be a watercolourist.


5 thoughts on “The vital noodle

    1. Thanks you too! Wow, I can’t believe how many people-I-don’t-actually-know are suddenly coming and seeing things. Welcome, welcome.

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