Studio tests

Studio tests

This is an animated gif test of some studio play with salt crusted photographs. I think I’ve decided that I do want this work to end up as a short animated loop but this one has just been the ‘sampler’ to work out the process and best method for this particular work, which is currently untitled.

I started a tumblr to hold my gif experiments but it actually doesn’t work as well with larger gifs as WordPress so I’m about to do some retrospective posting to bring stuff back here.

I’m really keen to pursue the gif as the starting form for new video and as a form in itself. So. PhD… awayyyyyyy we go.


3 thoughts on “Studio tests

    1. Thanks Pip!
      I’m pretty excited about them. Moving up to expensive prints that don’t leak their colour everywhere next. AND a copystand for rephotographing AND a more structured, movement based animation. Stay tuned…

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