Touchy Feely

Touchy Feely  will be much of my life next week. Based here in Hobart it’s a… well… not exactly a symposium, it’s much more casual than that but something LIKE that and it seeks to answer the question ‘Is socially engaged and relational art too sentimental?’.

Now rightly or wrongly, I’ve never really aligned myself with the school of thought that is relational aesthetics, and I draw a long bow to describe myself as particularly ‘socially engaged’, but I AM a sentimental idiot and quite blatantly and deliberately so in many of the works I have made over the years and so, once I stopped worrying about how relational or socially engaged I might be, I was really pleased to have been invited to exhibit and talk and play and swill around in a pit of ideas for a brief 5 days. Because I also LIKE to talk art and dissect ideas and swill around and this year folks, I’m prising the chrysalis open a little wider and hoping to be more active and participatory than I have been for a while.

The Touchy Feely exhibition will open next Wednesday, 25 January, 5:30 at Inflight ARI and will feature a series of lightening fast artist talks from those taking part.  It’ll be like the speed dating of artist talks.  They call it Pecha Kucha but I’ll lay it right out on the table and tell you  – I don’t really know what that means. I think basically before you have a chance to be bored by me, I’ll be done and someone else who may interest you more will be talking and flashing pictures at you.

So come along if you’re in the area. You can check out the Touchy Feely Tumblr for the schedule of events for the rest of the week and more info about the artists involved.

I’m also taking part in a debate of the statement ‘Art should be instrumentalised to make a better world’ er… it may be a debate but it may be simply a discussion panel.  I’ll prep for one and wing it for the other.  See? CASUAL.  What a spiffing way to spend a Friday night. Especially since So You Think You Can Dance, US, Season 7 has finished.

If you’re interested in this project but not in Hobart, I plan to keep blogging my way through it (What? Yeah!) as do the curators, Pip and Amy who also hope to post video of performances, talks etc.  So tune in.

Shortly will come a couple more posts about the two NEW works I will have in the exhibition. Stay tuned.

Later Gators.

P.S. I know I haven’t blogged in a very long time. I haven’t meant to avoid talking about activity but it’s been lots of studio noodling and mothering,  then Xmas, then some more noodling and mothering to now. Some of the noodling coming to fruition. Some of it is rubbish. We’re over a hump now.


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