This is a public service announcement.

Hi.  How are you.

When I look at the stats for this blog I can see what people have been looking for.  It’s enlightening reading.  Often they arrive accidentally, a lot of the time by Googling the word arse, searching for someone named Keyra Augustina (and more specifically her arse or ass), Kate Bush’s breasts and also, more mystifyingly, what is a ferret.

But I can also see that people are looking for more specific things, usually specific videos of mine and possibly leave this blog a little befuddled and disappointed by not finding a YouTube branded link.  Maybe all the stuff on the blog is confusing but I’ve always found my art and life to be intrinsically linked so haven’t felt the need in the past to separate them more divisively.

My tip to jump straight to the art, is to use the tags and categories on the right side there. Art will limit the chit-chat purely to art whereas i made this will limit more specifically just to my art (and words and things).

I used to have a website for years but I killed it for various reasons.  Even when I did, I only used video stills, not actual video.  At the time I couldn’t afford the space to host videofiles at a quality that satisfied me and I was dissatisfied by the compression available through YouTube and such and preferred to directly provide people with video upon request, which is still as I prefer to share what I do now (outside of exhibitions). It’s been my little filter of quality control.

But great leaps have been made in the available quality through the YouTubes etc. and they are now very different beasts and whats more I have opened a Vimeo account where I am about to start loading up an archive of stuff. Even more startling I am building a new sally-rees-artist website but it’s taking some time, so I hope those of you who are finding the blog frustrating can bear with it just a little longer.  If you want moving images, please email me ( with your address for a showreel or enquire direct about a specific work and I’ll be more than happy to pop something in the post to you.  That’s how I roll.

This blog will stay an integral part of my online presence as I find it a great place to write my thoughts about a works genesis/creation/life, write about other artists work, make announcements, post inspirational nuggets, noodle about my life and occasionally just get on my soapbox about something. There will be a link back here from the website when it is done.

Be patient with me.  I’ll reward you with moving pictures.  Lots of moving pictures.

Thanks for listening I hope this is helpful.



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