A Pack of Lies

Hi Blog and Blogees.

I’ve been very busy with a small boy but in the gaps I have finished something new and rather large (in content if not physical size).

A Pack of Lies is an artwork I have made for podcast.   That’s right, podcast.  It’s an underutilised venue for audio artworks I think and I hope works well for this kind of narrative piece.

It consists of a series of readings by friends of falsified biographies of my life, which have been crudely adapted from those of famous musicians, actors, sportspeople and artists.

For me, it’s nothing short of astonishing to listen to, and the fact that it is beyond impossible for me to glean what the experience of this work might be for someone who is NOT me, has been somewhat liberating.

I’m usually very audience-conscious, perhaps far too much.  So now this particularly ‘me,me,me’ work is out there and I would really welcome any feedback on it’s successes and failures.

Thank you to my voices: Emma Bett, Monica Coates, Monique Germon, Louise Guest, Andrew Harper, John Ingleton, Kate Kelly, Harry Kollatz Jnr., Amie Oliver, Carol Ransley, Cath Robinson, Peter Robinson, Neil Rowe, Pip Stafford, Matt Warren and Yvette Watt.

You can download A Pack of Lies for free at http://lies.podomatic.com or if you prefer you can access it through the iTunes store, also for free.  Just search my name and the title in the ‘podcast’ section.

And do come back here and let me know how you got on.


8 thoughts on “A Pack of Lies

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