Cross-marital promotion

Hey. How are ya?

I know I was going to do a catch up about the last year of my OWN stuff, and that IS coming, but right now Matt (Warren – my husband) has a show on at Inflight that I want to encourage you to go and see if you can.

SÖNARIS really grips me and if it were not ‘weird’ to do so, I think I would want to review it.

It’s kind of a new direction for Matt, increasing his abstraction and embracing hauntology to make something as experiential as much of his installations are, but particularly open and… well… a word I keep coming back to for some reason is ‘breathing’.

He told me about a comment someone made at the opening about it being a bit ‘goth’, but I think they were missing something.  Reworking sound and visuals trawled from his personal mental ‘library’ of publicly released image and sound (well known pieces of stock footage, pop music), as well as fresh shot and constructed stuff, Matt constructs and then deconstructs a personal audiovisual symbology, and while atmospheric, for me the overall vibe is upward. The content inverts negativity, creates mystery out of the mundane and adds interest to the merely pretty.  It’s positive.  It’s beautiful. But maybe then I’m missing something… why not go see it and tell me what you thought?

Dual projections on the ceiling are abstracted further by the architecture and randomly create new pairings as well as as also randomly sandwiching with the dense, bubbling soundtrack.

While I understand the interest in forcing an audience viewpoint, if it were my work I would have put in a daybed arrangement in so it was easy to really settle in and view.  The constant looking up is a little hard on the neck, but I find spending time with this really rewarding and totally transporting.

My tip is – take a pillow for your head and spend some time on the floor.  But the biggest tip is simply go and see it and go with some time to spare.  Next Saturday will be the last day but it’s raining today and open for another couple of hours..









(images courtesy Matt Warren)


One thought on “Cross-marital promotion

  1. I went to see it today and thought it was lovely. I particularly liked the “breathyness” of it, I felt like it had a lovely rhythm.

    I couldn’t stay with it very long though, cos my eyes don’t like to look at projections on weird angles (I get weird colour separation in the corners of my eyes which makes me feel a bit sick) – perhaps your day bed/pillow idea would be an antidote to this!

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