Hey! HNY!

Can you believe it’s 2010?

If you’re in Hobart, could you believe or imagine more spectacular New Years weather?

I melted in the heat, ate watermelon for dinner and watched the New Year roll in with the lightening on a blanket on the shore of Cornelian Bay.

This picture is from The Mercury’s little ‘crazy NYE weather’ album.

It’s unusual for me not to blog a Happy Channukah/Christmas/Kwaanza or a New Years Eve wish list but core thoughts tend to stand from year to year:- I hope you’ve all been happy and safe and that life looks brighter, rather than darker, from where you stand right now.

I’ve been quietly enjoying a couple of (scheduled) weeks off formal employment and a couple of (unscheduled and very naughty) weeks off any other form of work at my desk.  Pregnancy is bliss and family and old friends are too, so I decided after the busy-ness of the end of year to just wallow in this place for a while where I tend to my garden, groom my rabbits, eat watermelon and sort tiny donated clothes into season and size while generally just being enormous.

But the turning of the year begs to be marked so here I am.  There are catchup posts to do waiting in the wings and early 2010 is full of exciting work and exhibitions which I will tell of soon enough.

BUT what is truly incredible is that:

In 2010 I will turn 40.
In 2010 I will celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary.
In 2010 I will have a child.

What a year it’s going to be.


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