LTN… Light the Night 2009 was really rather moving and lovely.  I carried a gold balloon in memory of my friend Stuart.  Blue balloons were for people who wanted to show support for the cause, white balloons for survivors and gold balloons for those who had lost someone to  leukemia or related blood cancers.

Turned into visual statistics in this way, the number of white and gold bubbles in the sea of  balloons was genuinely affecting.  That affect only slightly dented by the curious pipe band deafening us in City Hall and the choice to allow Celine Dion to whine that her heart would go on as we marched into the street.

The people of Hobart raised around $60,000 of Australia’s total of $1.3 mill. for The Leukemia Foundation to put towards research into blood cancers and to help support to affected families.

Thanks everyone who donated.  It was a real nice thing you did.


3 thoughts on “btw…

  1. Yes I had no idea my donation would be
    helping prevent and understand what ended up taking my uncle only weeks
    after you contacted me about donating. Funny isn’t it? So thank YOU and your huge mother of a heart x

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