The biggest news of the year…

news…is of course this.

I varnished my toenails at the first sign of consistent sunshine because soon I won’t be able to see them anymore.

In case you missed it via Twitter, Facebook or even in an in-person report – Matt and I are having a baby, ETA April 2010.

This is my current view when I look down.

We are over the moon, excited, occasionally terrified but mostly very, very happy.

For two days I felt a little fishie swimming around in there and it wriggled when I hopped into a too-warm bath.

It’s gone quiet now but I’m led to believe that is often the ways things go and we’ll feel more significant movement begin in a couple more weeks.

I am in absolutely rude health and feel great.  So far nature has given me a really easy time of things (thanks a bunch, Nature.)

In answer to the other most commonly asked question: we have no idea who it is.

So there you go.  All nice and pregnant. On the road to parenthood. Hooray!


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