Prodigal Blogger

connectionsWhat a long time between drinks.

I have a new job you see. A great job in a great place with great people and I only work two days a week leaving me free for my own projects the rest of the time.

I am working for a clinic of osteopaths in a building that was once the Hobart Mosque – hence the photo here from the end of the hallway.

In order to land this job though I had to commit to a period of full-time work there.  How did that go, you ask?  Well…  it was a little ambitious and I found it entirely consuming and totally exhausting but I made it through the gauntlet and am rather happy about where I have ended up. Even if there was no blogging for a while.  Sorry.

It’s actually nice to have a foot outside crazy, old art-land and to remember what the rest of the world is up to.

But I missed you.  Art and news updates to follow.


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