light the night

On a completely different note:  I’m taking part in Light the Night 2009 which exists to remember, celebrate and give hope to patients and families living with blood cancers, such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

My team, The Dreamtime Escape Plan (along with many others) will be doing a walk from St Davids park down through Salamanca Place carrying balloons with tiny lights inside on September 23 to raise funds to help the Leukaemia Foundation invest in critical research into better treatments and hopefully cures, as well as supporting patients during their long and tough treatment.

I’m looking for sponsors to help me reach my currently puny fund-raising target. I don’t have a lot of confidence in myself as a fundraiser but if I hit my target before the due date I will raise it!

If you would like to sponsor me (even $10 or $20 dolars helps – secure online donations can be made using your credit card) or even join our team and raise some sponsors yourself, follow the instructions below:

TO DONATE CLICK this link:

If your computer blocks this link:
– Go to
– Click DONATE

– SEARCH for me: Sally Rees or my team: Dreamtime Escape Plan.

The loveliness will start with a balloon lighting ceremony in St. Davids Park at 6:30 on September 23. I think it will be rather pretty to watch.

By constrast, cancers of the blood are entirely hideous and I would like to kick their arse.



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