Disquiet Year


I’m back!  The ADSL is on!  We now live in a warm, cosy cabin with a fruiting tree of Granny Smiths and I nearly, nearly have the work for this,  my suprise-attack, sudden-death, solo show done.  It opens Friday so apologies for short notice and a shortage of recent pix of works in progress but perhaps some will come after.

It’s all works that have been conceived over the last difficult 18 months and most have been languishing incomplete until now.  If you are able to drop by for a natter and a drink at 6 on Friday at Inflight ARI you would be most welcome.

It’s good to be back!

P.S. There is a beautiful essay written by Monique Germon with a foreword by Scot Cotterell in a beautiful catalogue designed by Cath Robinson.  I don’t know how many there will be printed so try and snaffle one quick if you want one.


2 thoughts on “Disquiet Year

  1. Maybe contact the gallery if you’re interested. I’m sure they would be happy to send you one.
    (or I could… let me know how you go…)

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