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For a long time our house was perfect for our needs. Cold, yes but the perfect size and proximity to everything. Then it wasn’t anymore. And our property agents went from being the best ever, to being the worst in the space of the last two years.

Also – of course I’ve been out of the workforce, battling my health problems with a combination of a trickle of freelance work and a government pension. For a long time I couldn’t see myself ever entering a workplace again. I have fears and phobias up the ying-yang and I couldn’t see how any employer could ever be expected to accomodate them. Not when there’s a line around the block of other willing candidates without ‘special needs’.

So anyhow there are two big items of news.

1) We found a new house that is much more like what we need + heating and sunshine and are currently running around cleaning and stuffing things into boxes to move in a week and;

2) I have taken a new job as a kitchen-hand which is so far, so good and quite a significant step for me.

There is actually a third big item too – which is that I am having another solo show opening in a couple of weeks (July 3) at Inflight. It’s a bit on the fly, but too good an opportunity to pass up so I am frantically trying to get some long unfinished works done for this show.

Also I have a cold.

All this means there is a lot of activity, not a lot of energy and as a result, blog posts may be thin on the ground for a bit. But I’ll check in when I can.

In the meantime – here is a picture of a ferret in a bath. From


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