ultimate feta

M and I really live on the edge.  Regular feta is just such a yawn.  It’s ultimate these days or nothing.ultimatefeta

Talking it up much?  Isn’t it amazing that someone, within an Australian dairy produce marketing department, picked that word to describe a cheese?

Speaking of words and the choices of words people make… I’ve been making some choices of words lately and this is basically a really ridiculous way of coming around to saying –  I’ve been writing the odd piece here and there.

I love the challenge of writing gigs and would like to do many more, so I’ve decided to post these bits of text here and hope you don’t get too bored with them.

Blog.  Words. It makes sense to bring them together doesn’t it?

So be warned  – there are posts upcoming of a more verbose nature but will still generally be art focused.

Also – my words are on the market.  Got a writing job?  This guns for hire.  Art, cheese I’ll write about anything really.  Try me.


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