Eerie Collection


Pip Stafford organises the Eerie Collection Drawing Nights that happen on a (loosely) monthly basis in the studios at the Rat Palace downtown.  On Monday, we had number 3.

They are sweet, sociable evenings of scribble and scrawl,  biscuits, beers and chit chat and at the end Pip gathers up the pages to be photocopied  and binds them into the (free) Eerie Collection Zine.

We draw, collage and play countless games of Mr Squiggle and Exquisite Corpse.  Pictured are the result of two Exquisite Corpse games as are bound up in issue #2 (just released this week).

I know Pip drops them off to Pocket Space in Criterion Street if you ever want to pick up a copy.

I don’t get up to much socially, but I love these and haven’t missed one yet.  If it sounds like your cup of tea, contact Pip, either through her blog or at to get more info and make your interest known.

She’ll hook you up with some pen-on-paper good times.


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