Development:  I’ve been seeing a naturopath for help with the GAD (which is the generalised anxiety disorder wot I have).

The picture on the left is my blood sample from the first visit and shows a very poorly leukocyte (white blood cell) looking like a sad, immovable milky vomit on the screen.  They make up your immune system but in my case there a) weren’t very many and b) the ones there that could be found looked like this character.  The apparent galaxy of stars where this drama plays out is actually fat in my bloodstream ’cause I’d had a big peanut butter sandwich about half an hour earlier.  The other round things are the red blood cells which aren’t doing too badly.

Anxiety lowers your immune system but in turn a low immune system leaves you feeling kinda crappy and more prone to anxiety.  It’s a yucky, yucky, yucky cycle.

The picture on the right is my sample after only two weeks treatment.  I’d been feeling  better generally in body AND mind and look what has happened: more leukocytes, good looking ones too and they are really active.  I watched them live onscreen getting busy and moving around looking for crap to mop up (I even shot a little video).  The milk-vomit guy just sat there.  Miserable sod.  With my natural gift for anthropomorphising everything I can even see that my leukocytes have happy little faces now.

My naturopath and I cheered them on.


4 thoughts on “blood

  1. Being a doyenne of GAD myself this is very interesting. I had no idea about the white blood cells thing. Also, they are really pretty.

    I’m also thinking about getting my thyroid tested as apparently this might have something to do with both the onset of SOMETHING-BAD-IS-GOING-TO-HAPPEN brain and the fact that my hair has gone from curly-wurly to somewhat-straight. Oh and the extra kilos that I am carrying around that cannot be explained away with too many visits to the bakery…

  2. Yeah, anxiety seems to be the end result of ‘something’ rather than something in and of itself and the factors that leave you with a propensity to it seem to be pretty varied.

    I have a much better functioning mind since adhering to my naturopaths treatment plan, and she, my new GP and my psych are all in agreement that generally a combination of chemical factors and learned behaviours are to blame, and certainly we are moving forward in my treatment with that as the assumption.

    I’ve been feeling so much better I’ve actually overdone it a bit and am having to pull-back again for a little. But I’ll get it back… god dammit.

    I love me some naturopath right now. I can’t believe it took me so long to go find one…

    1. So, how do the three carers all work together- naturopath, psych and GP? Curious about how they work out a treatment plan for you?

      1. Well in a way, my GP is simply an administrator… she is a necessary step to ensure I get the right care that is available through the Medicare system. She accepts that role and is also totally supportive of my wish to tackle the whole thing drug-free.

        I felt my previous GP was trying to force that option on me and seemed to have little faith in my psych. as well which made seeing him for necessary paperwork UNnecessarily stressful. This may have been more my perception than actuality but it made me uncomfortable and I felt it was obstructing things a little.

        My naturopath also has a psych degree and specialises in anxiety, among other things. My psych is also supportive of my choice to go with natural therapies and agrees there is evidence to support the idea that medication could actually be detrimental to my recovery.

        So far she’s as pleased as I am with the way the two treatments seem to be complementing each other, although I admit I may have overdone things a bit recently and am feeling a bit of a crash – trying to run when I’m still getting up off my knees is probably the most apt metaphor.

        I guess the simple answer is – they each take care of their ‘bit’ and are pleased that all seem to be working in harmony with each other at this stage.

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