teething problems

Hey, so I finally noticed I sounded like a bit of a nob in my ‘whats this?’ section.  I blame this on lifting whole chunks out of old bios without reading them properly before hitting ‘control+V’.  Now I am less of a nob.  And I learned my lesson.

Stats are great – I’ve never had them before.  If I had stats at Livejournal I never knew how to access them.  Yesterday some hot tamale left me a message in my stats by googling ‘ i love sally rees’.  Seriously. Is that cute or what?  Thanks for the love, anonymous googler.

Also my stats told me that someone is clicking through on bad old imported links to look at info and images of works of mine at a website I used to have that no longer exists.  The website proper that replaces it will be up in the next couple of weeks – hang tight.

In the meantime if anyone wants images or info on anything specific, just email me, eh?  Happy to oblige.


Over and out.


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