..with a truck full of splinters no less.

Anna Russell of Incoherent Ramblings has a five point plan to save the economy (I am unsure if her vision is global or simply for the US. I think it could work either way.).

1. Legalise street drugs (protect the users and tax heavily)

2. Legalise prostitution (protect the users and tax heavily)

3. Let’s all be Swiss (and save money on defence)

4. Stop legal loan sharking (no more credit cards handed out to those who can’t afford them)

5. Stop being greedy
Our consumer society has become a disease that feeds on the worst traits of human nature. The elite rich won’t let things change because they’re terrified they’ll have to cut back from 3 private jets to 1. Fuck them. Seriously, fuck them with a truck full of splinters.

Atta girl.

If you doubt the sense, do not doubt the passion of her very convincing post which you can read for yourself HERE.


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