i heart kate bush

Always have, always will. She, along with Blondie were the first formings of my musical taste beyond Bucks Fizz, the Smurfs and Londons Burning played on a plastic recorder. Simultanueously, I understand perfectly why she gives so many other people the niff; the shrieking and the googly eyes being but two of the things I’m sure put people off.

But I love everything about her and these days can even see how a little of her has snuck into my photos and videos. I’m also quite good at both shrieking and making googly eyes.

So I was thrilled this morning to find that the fellow at FourFour had created this awesome tribute in an overload of animated gifs, a mere few of which appear above. Clicky, clicky and make a cup of tea while it loads. It’s worth it.

Don’t be so distracted by the action however, that you miss that it’s also a lovely, thoughtful bit of blog writing about what we-that-love-her truly love about her.

…she was made for me. No other entertainer I’ve invested myself in has ever struck the balance between awe-inspiring technical proficiency and utter nonsense so well. She has the paradoxical effect of a retarded genius..

My thoughts precisely.

My favourite album is The Dreaming. What’s yours?


3 thoughts on “i heart kate bush

  1. irritating but brilliant

    hello earth is my favourite song, and that album (sensual world?) with trio bulgarka.

    But those animated gifs gave me the horrors. I don’t EVER want to see any of her vids again. Except maybe Cloubursting with Donald Thing. She gives overacting a bad name.

    yr brthr

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