If I had money to buy art…

…and not the conscience that tells me I should be spending my money on Tasmanian art, this month I’d buy:

This signed Mark Ryden print. Fur Girl is being sold through has been released by Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle (being sold in Australia through Outre Gallery based in both Melbourne and Sydney). I often like to think I’ve moved beyond Mark Ryden but it’s not true, I still get seduced by the pretty, pretty paintings. Especially simpler images like this.

I would also buy myself Emily Valentine’s Pair of Pugcocks:

or maybe her Cockiborzoi:

I’ve always been drawn to both images of fur-people and creative mash-up taxidermy.

I sometimes worry that I am too seduced by hipster culture… the sub-culture not the pants. I have never been seduced by hipster pants. Well maybe once… *shudder*…


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