Four monkeys

See? I do more than just browse the interwebs for videos… I made four monkeys!
They are, once again, gocco prints on recycled fabric and while I was wondering if anyone would even want them, before I could even post this blog – the yellow one sold and I’ve been asked to hold the purple until someones payday this week. How awesome!

Anyhoo – I was going to get brave and do a trot to a few shops around town this week to see if they would like to stock monkeys and some squeaky pigs and goats. Any suggestions as to where would be good and how much I should charge?

Or should I just sell them on the interwebs? Using Etsy? Or another storefront system? Or should I just suck it up because I actually know what I’m doing a bit with web design and just build my own webstore…?

Hey, peoples. Hey, peoples who sell things and have a clue. Help out a gal who doesn’t have a clue about making a buck out of making things?

Your advice in the comments please…


4 thoughts on “Four monkeys

  1. I think they would sell!
    Try CUBE on Elizabeth st and also Meet Me At Mikes in Melbourne.


    p.s. I want one.

  2. I will try them both, Oh Gocco-Lord, thanks.

    Do you think I should go in person or could I just send images to the CUBE lady (obviously I’d have to do that for MM@M…). I have a tendency to sabotage things with my presence…

    Any ideas on price? I sold one to Cazzy already but I really have NOOOOOO idea…. Their bodies are about the size of my hand I guess…

  3. Go see CUBE, Jemima is lovely and very non-scary.

    Pricing…god I’m so bad at that I guess add up what you’ve spent on them and the labor and then add a profit on top of that?

  4. Oh I would like to give you a good answer for this….um, I’m trying Etsy as well as shops, and I think it helps if you have a zillion links to your Etsy store on all you other websites/blogs (and Flickr if you have a flickr site?), to be able to direct traffic, etc.
    Otherwise…shops in Hobart that could also be good are L.E.D on Liverpool St (Sue and Lou are wonderful and NOT at all scary, and they pay for stock, our potatoe-flanny friend sells her clothing there), and maybe Pocket Space in Criterion St too?
    I can recommend Suzie at Cocoon in Launceston too,, she buys great stuff from all over the world, and stocks my bird purses and Cat-Rabbits owls, etc.
    Hmmm, markets are good too, when you’re ready to do the people thing again.

    Pricing: I think if we all priced our hand made stuff correctly then no one could afford to buy it! Generally price your fabrics, inks, stuffing, overheads, etc and then you’re supposed to triple it in order to make a profit. I do this vaguely and then imagine and ‘feel’ what people will be willing to pay, and try to find a compromise Im happy with, and then hope for the best!!
    Better advice is: do it for fun and charge what you want, the things you make a great and people will pay!
    By the way, how much is the squeaking pig and hoe o I pay you for it?
    xxxxx Tara

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