Sorry to have been late to post about the exhibition. At this time a week ago we were driving home from the NW and since then have been mostly perched atop a scaffold wiggling projectors back and forth in the Plimsoll Gallery at the School of Art because now we are installing Matt’s PhD submission.

But here finally, is proof that the show did indeed go on and that I survived the whole experience intact but just a little tired. My documentation is a bit rubbish (I’m currently looking for a photographer up there to do a better job for me) but you might get a sense of the room.

The wrestling works (Mascara contra Cabellera 1 & 2) are finally installed as I initially intended – that is on two separate screens. Interestingly I have had two comments already from people who would rather see them composited into the one screen (one who has already seen it that way, one who hasn’t) which I think is interesting.

I am also very happy with this installation of The Groove in this show. Shown on a lovely, hefty Panasonic analogue monitor (dontated to me by my pal Susie’s parents – thank you Jenny and Geoff Findlay), it sits on the floor, tilted up to face you on a big wooden wedge. The headphones hang in front perched on a mike stand and it all feels a bit ‘rawk’.

I found the week a hard slog, although my lovely Mum, Ruth came and helped hang for the first 2 or 3 days and I got to spend the early evenings between returning from the gallery and eating dinner, diving under waves and generally splashing about in the sea.

Mr Hobba duly arrived on opening night and, having already delivered a great catalogue essay under pressure of a very restrictive word count (Got a PDF of it if anyone wants a copy. Let me know if you do), gave a beautiful opening speech that not only proclaimed me as the ‘mother to all rabbits’ but also as the reincarnation of Joseph Beuys’ dead hare (!).

This all made me feel very relevant and special, which I guess is what these things are meant to do. There were a couple of (pleasant) suprise appearances, but nothing of the sort to knock me off balance and then friends, family and a nice dinner came afterwards.

Of course it was all fine, just as all of you predicted it would be, but I’m still exhaling a huge sigh of relief.

Thanks to all concerned and to those of you who made the trip. It meant a great deal.

EDIT 16 November 2012: I’ve been archiving. You can now view most the works from this show and more here.


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