Mag cover love

I need to make a living somehow. Although I’ve been bizzarely lucky enough to sell a very few video works in Tasmania as a relatively unknown artist, generally speaking in this state – video doesn’t sell. Especially if you’re not well known. Especially if you’re from Tasmania itself. Especially if you have no commercial representation. I tick all three boxes. I’m probably repeating myself, please forgive me.

As I can only work at the pace I do, have no plans to relocate and have no commercial galleries sniffing eagerly around my art-loins, I think that I need to take more photographs, print them and frame them and then get them piggies out to market.

While not all precisely the subject matter that I think is going to tap the aesthetic veins of the middle market that I’d love to find a place in, this gallery of 60’s and 70’s covers for French satirical magazine Hara Kiri (collected at flabbergastedly) display a great deal of the kind of style I aspire to.

Colourful, stagey and grotesque visual puns with a really healthy dose of the ridiculous. I would also say ‘yummy’ but SPECIAL SCATO and Je ne suis pas riche, mais je ne nourris prevent me…


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