IN STEREO (where available)

Video autoportraits by Sally Rees. (That’s me.)

Opening by Leigh Hobba– Artist, lecturer and Co-Head of Emedia, Tasmanian School of Art (You may have previously heard me go on and on about how awesome Leigh is. I consider myself really lucky to have Leigh as a friend and previously as a lecturer. He’s also written a brief essay for the catalogue.)

Friday 6 February @ 6:30pm

RSVP: Wednesday 4 February 2009 (Fancy!)

Exhibition dates: 7 February – 9 March 2009

All Welcome. Admission free.

Burnie Regional Art Gallery, Civic Centre Precinct, Wilmot Street, Burnie, TAS
Phone 6430 5875 Fax 6431 4144 Email
Gallery hours: Mon to Fri 10am to 4:30pm

The Burnie Regional Art Gallery wishes to thank the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery for making this exhibition possible by the generous loan of equipment. (And I do too! If it wasn’t for them there’d be nothing to see! Carole Hammond – I love you.)

Image: Double Bloom 2007-08

So here it is, the solo show. Although this is the smaller of two solos that will be opening in the BRAG at the same time (the other being painter, Michael Muruste’s Under the Ample Sun) this is pretty special for me for a few reasons.

I grew up in Burnie and left there when I was about 17, but this is the first time I have ever shown any work there. It also feels like my first proper solo exhibition. I’ve had a few small solos over the years in various ARI’s but this is really the first time I’ve pulled together a little collection of works. It also feels very lucky that it has made it up at all as I wasn’t sure I could do it.

But with the incredible support in gear I’ve been given by the TMAG, the early enthusiasm of ex-director Belinda Wright and the patience of new director, Greg Leong it is finally coming together.

I start installing on Monday so will be ensconced 15/20 minutes drive away from the gallery at my parents place in Turners Beach for the lead up. If you are not in the NW and would like to come up for the opening but don’t want to spring for accomodation, let me know and I’ll stake you out a tent position on the parental lawn. For serious. I’m hoping to garner as many friendly faces as possible ’cause while I am a bit excited, the most prevalent emotion is possibly terror.

Eep. and Yay!


2 thoughts on “IN STEREO (where available)

  1. Go Sal!

    Go you! Question – do you really want to cram the place with everyone you know for the opening? Because there’s nothing really stopping me coming up for this. If it would make a difference to you I’ll do it!

    Thanks for couriering the prez!

    yr brthr

  2. Re: Go Sal!

    No worries re: prez.

    Um… It’s difficult with little uns, I know, so you are excused, of course.

    I just finished musing meanderingly all over a friends facebook wall about how the Tidal opening in Devonport was a little difficult and I’m worried this will be worse. I’m sending up work that might be a bit challenging for that galleries audience but I don’t think I can cope with people wanting to challenge me right back.

    I’m dishing it out but can’t take it as it were. Not in person, at this point in time at any rate. So I am looking at training a super-army of friends and art-ninjas to fend off sticky encounters at the function…

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