Attention my parents – rude word and concept warning!

I was asked to produce a work in response to Gustave Courbet’s ‘The Origin of the World’.

The exhibition, Limbic curated by Victor Medrano (VM also curated Lucha Libre! that I was in last year) will be at MOP Projects in Sydney through February as part of Inflight ARI’s exchange program.

This work is currently called Autoportrait (profile update) but I’m not locked down on that just yet so am (perhaps foolishly) taking suggestions. Anything better? It’s the first work for 2009 (HA!)and is (er… will be…) an inkjet print on a nice archival paper.

Limbic – MOP Projects, Sydney, 5-22 February 2009.

Go, go Sydney friends, go.


5 thoughts on “Attention my parents – rude word and concept warning!

  1. I LOVE this!!!

    My god you’re a genius darls!!!
    I’ve been enjoying your lj entires and seeing what I was not able to see in Sydney…you’re amazing Sally!!! You’re a Proper Artist…you know, Modern and Conceptual and someone will have the incredulous thrill of ‘discovering you’ one day and making a huge commercial difference to your life and art career….aaahhhh, its what every little artist girl dreams of!!
    As for me, well I’m prostituting myself by making crap and it sells….now THAT’S the tragedy!!!

    I hope I can sell enough purses to purchase one of your video artworks by next year…its on my wish list and has been ever since I saw your work in France!!

    Very large kisses and cups of virtual tea,
    xxxx Tara

  2. Re: I LOVE this!!!

    Thank you Tara. You are way too kind and too self-effacing.

    I’ve never seen a single bit of crap you’ve made! The misers-purse as well as everything else you produce is rather divine in mine own eye. AND it sells. Glorious! Nothing to be ashamed of there. Personally I covet the ‘couer’ apron skirt.

    In fact I’m planning a lovely blog photoshoot in the next couple of days for the inaugral ‘you do realise this is only a recording, don’t you?’ AKA ‘twosmallrabbits’ advertorial.

    Some very nice and very talented people (including a certain travelling teacosy) have given me some amazing things and I wanted to a) show them off and say a public thank-you and b) show my weeny readership where they could buy these glorious things themselves if they wanted to…

    Oh and there are more squeaky piggies… one will find it’s way to you soon… 😀 so happy someone likes them. Am just completing my first trio of monkeys…

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