What I did with my December

…and a bit of November too.

These were the gifties and things I was making for my family and friends for Xmas. My pal Pip taught me how to use the virgin unwrapped Gocco print system I’ve had sitting in its box in the studio back in November, so that got a pretty good Xmas workout. Expect more Gocco fun in the future!

Clockwise from top left:

1) My solution for what to make for small boysie-boys – wrestling action figures (Gocco print on recycled fabric – stuffed). One little fella I know crams them into the driving seats of trucks and trains and pops them astride plastic dinosaurs. Hmm… maybe boys don’t get enough dolls…

2) New Year cards (Gocco print on recycled card) – I’m just not sure about ‘Christmas’ as such but I was more than happy to see 2009 roll around and a new year is something EVERYONE recognises regardless of faith or lack thereof so New Years cards it is! Please also note the NY motifs of crabs and moths. Underused until now I feel…

3) What my brother, Chris has dubbed ‘Flankys’ since receiving his. Recycled flanny shirt hankies with hand rolled hems and gold chain stitch monograms. Some have still yet to be given to their noses-to-be – sorry noses-in-waiting.

4) Squeaky pigs. Stuffed Gocco print on recycled fabric (my old pyjamas actually) with recycled squeaky inside). For the little, little ones on my list. I like how these turned out.

5)A non-gift aside to use up left over ink in the Gocco screen – Wrestler cards on Chickenfeed card blanks. Black on black and red on red.

NOT pictured – I also made a couple of little personalised pencil cases for two of my nephews, Marcus and Michael, but forgot to take a photo ’cause I was working down to the wire (ie: Chris was on his way here to do the pre-Xmas gift exchange as I was still finishing embroidering Michael’s name – phew) but I then assume you know what a pencil case looks like…

As I said before – I thought about each person while making every stitch and it was a great feeling.

I really like youse.


7 thoughts on “What I did with my December

  1. Flankys

    I have been useing my flanky religiously, battling the festive seasons bugs that have beseiged Edinburgh and find them far more comforting than your average snotrag and beats toilet paper hands down.


  2. We appreciate your effort – you are at the other end of the Christmas Hard Yards Scale from me. Am hanging round lots of primary school kids but not caught a cold yet. Will keep trying.

  3. def. not in the trousers.

    But I don’t know about out-doing the teacher. Those calenders of yours were looking pretty nifty. + I haven’t tried multiple screens and overprinting yet…

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