Remember this?

Well, actually probably not because these are stills from a video of mine from 2003 so it’s actually pre-blog!

The Groove was a part of my MFA thesis and has risen into consciousness again because it will be included as part of an event called Hard Party – artist interpretation of a party cruise taking place on a boat that leaves Eastern Pontoon, Circular Quay, Sydney next Thusday, January 15 at 8pm.

It’s curated by Lara Thoms but I confess I don’t know much more about it other than it’s been funded by the Interarts Board of the Australia Council.

I got an email on Saturday advising that there were only 30 tickets left. They are $15 so if you are going to be in Sydney and at a loose end, go check it out for me (it sounds kinda fun too). Tickets are pre-sale only, by paypal or CC. Just email to, the number of tickets you want, postal address and contact phone number.

I’ll appear on a video jukebox with Katarzyna Kozyra, Tara Marynowsky, artistas amistosos de neukölln, Corey Coda, Mathew Hopkins, Rachel Scott and Emile Zile.

All else I can tell you is a cut and paste from the ticketing email:


Brown Council
Willoh.S Weiland
Teik Kim Pok
Tully Arnot
Hana Shimada

It all may mean a bit more to you…(?) I am so in-a-cave these days I have no clue who does what with whom…

I found a blog for the event here but it doesn’t say much yet. I hope there’ll be photo’s n’that after the event.

I will explain away my lack of real clarity on the project because I am a bit of a distant ring-in I think. I ended up in the mix through a recommendation by the lovely Soda_Jerk ladies, whose ship passed mine in the night on another curatorial project that was never to be.

What the hell is The Groove? Well.. if I was a bona-fide, Sony-owned pop poppet it would be my cover version of Madonna’s Get into the Groove, double-tracked (A and V), performed twice at half-speed and then cranked up. A capella. Dodgy contact lens. Actually I don’t need to be a pop poppet for that – that’s exactly what it is.

If that doesn’t ring any bells, The Groove will also be a part of my solo show that opens in a month (eep!) at the Burnie Regional Gallery. That one now has a name, by the way, thanks to the genius of Matt. It’ll be called In Stereo (where available).

EDIT 16 November 2012: I’ve been archiving. You can now view The Groove here.


One thought on “Remember this?

  1. Ooooh that Sydney show looks like heaps of fun.

    I know Post, Brown Council and Willoh through Next Wave kickstart and they are all top notch.

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