I started a new writing project with a new friend.

We simply try to send each other a letter a day. They are long, uncensored and intensely personal and I don’t know if they’ll be ‘something’ or if they are just a nice scratchy, scrubbing process for us both to go through at this time.

Here are some key sentences so far:

30 November. M: ‘What’s so good about ghosts and scones and ample parking?’

1 December. S: If I look up, plaster dust from the expanding cracks falls in my eyes.

1 December. M: …shoulder pads! My dad used to make me do weights so I wouldn’t have to wear them.

2 December. S: It was like being a ghost in the room

2 December. M: I left with probably the largest hair in the Southern Hemisphere.

4 December. S: Did I miss a day of our correspondence?

5 December. M: I am really excited for you and touched when picturing your frock on the backseat.

6 December. S: … maybe just shut your cake-hole, Dude.

7 December. M: ‘Do you wanna come and pat me horse?’

More snippets as they come to hand…


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