Excuse me while I care about my future for a minute…

You may or may not be aware that after decades of plucky fight by artists advocacy bodies, the Australian Government has announced the Artists’ Resale Royalty Scheme.

Until now, if ever a collector of your work, resold your work with the value increase that this market activity entails, the only person to benefit financially from that sale is the collector. The collector sells a work they bought for hundreds, for thousands because it’s value has increased. How has it increased? Through the artists continued hard work and dedication to producing quality work and finding a market. The artist? Still eking out a life in a rented home with cracks in the walls and wishing they still had those few hundreds to help pay the power bill (Yes. This is my life.)

This scheme attempts to redress this imbalance by giving artists a percentage of the sale price each time a work is resold, which of course is an excellent start, but it is currently drafted only to apply to works first purchased and then resold after the proposed implementation date in 2009.

Election promises by the current government indicated such a scheme would apply to ALL works in copyright and the proposed model will leave visual artists with only a fraction of the $$$ benefits they were expecting.

It’s not greedy. It’s simply trying to bring the rights of visual artists into line with those of the creators of other copyright protected material such as filmmakers, composors or authors.

Please sign this petition urging Minister Garret to cut artists some slack. And tell your friends.

End transmission.


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