Yesterday I discovered through an article in the New York Times that Parisian ‘taxidermy establishment’, Deyrolle burnt down this February past.

I took this picture there in 2004. Deyrolle is one of my favourite memories from my time in Paris, and the photos I took are certainly some of my favourite Paris images too.

My friends Stella and Niall were visiting from Edinburgh and we framed our day with long walk from a Metro station at the top of Rue de Bac, back to the Cité where I was staying. The walk took us from an exhibition by Pierre et Gilles in a really great commercial gallery to an awesome food court (miniature cartons of quail eggs – like eggs for dollies), to the chapel of the miraculous medals (dead nuns in glass boxes around the alter and kindly live ones pressing the BVM medals into our hands) as well as Deyrolle itself and the Museé d’Orsay. When other friends go to the Cité (or just Paris), a walk down Rue de Bac is the ‘wonderful thing’ I remember to advise people to do.*

Deyrolles owner, Prince Louis Albert de Broglie (who the NYT inform me also created a national conservatory with 650 varieties of tomatoes at his chateau) had neglected to insure the shop and 90% of the animals were destroyed. The building, however remains intact and he has founded a ‘Friends of Deyrolle’ to raise money and pull together a new collection of stock. Fashion house Hermès has reissued one of it’s famous scarves in a limited edition to help fill the coffers.

There’s a tiny photo album of a few of my Deyrolle pix HERE on Facebook if you’re interested.

P.S. The link to the album is supposed to be public but I don’t quite believe FB on this. If you don’t have a FB account and you can’t see the album without creating one, would you let me know?

*Dear Mish and Tricky – time and life was so crazy before you left I think I blubbed ‘Rue de Bac, Rue de Bac!’ at you with no further information. Deyrolle is gone but there’s other stuff along the way. The nuns are good.


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