A pretty good thing happened.

…and that thing was that I got pre-selected for the Tidal art prize in Devonport (Matt did too) which will hang in December. This is a photo of the last stage of making the work for it, called Autoportrait (washed in the sea). It’s full body size and the image includes my face and feet and the rest I guess is pretty self-explanatory from the title.

It was a bit scary to risk ruining what was such a beautiful print in wanting to take it through to it’s conceptual conclusion, but I did a lot of preliminary tests with inks and different papers and in the end its worked out OK. The paper was really tough. I hope the finished work is still a beautiful print.

It was an odd feeling to be holding pictures of my own face under the water in the bath during the test phase, I can tell you… luckily the sea-washing wasn’t nearly so icky…

I bottled some seawater and am keeping up a regular spray until it get’s delivered to the gallery in a couple of weeks in the hopes of keeping up a nice salt crust .

Matty helped me wash it and Pip took photos and I thank them very much.

I’ll post a photo when it’s complete and on a wall.


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