Scott Walker: 30 Century Man

Lucky, lucky all of us! Scott Walker: 30 Century Man will screen Sunday night at 8:30pm on ABC2. Once of the “sun aint gonna shine anymore” Walker Brothers and more recently of the simultaneously glorious and terrifying Tilt and The Drift, Walker is a man of remarkable and difficult creativity who inspires me right up the ying-yang.

If you don’t have digital channel access, don’t dismay ’cause they say it will be rescreened on ABC1 on November 2.

Tilt and The Drift are the truly groundbreaking works of course but I also have a particular soft spot for his English language interpretations of Jacques Brel songs on the album Scott 3. Songs and songs and songs of sad alcoholic transvestites, war-gore and venereal diseases but I particularly like to revel in the hilarious and petulant, camp and teenaged drama of Funeral Tango when I feel hard done by the world and need to laugh at my own ridiculousness.

Oh I see all of you
All of my phoney friends
Who can’t wait for it ends
Who can’t wait till it’s through
Oh I see all of you
You’ve been laughing all these years
Now all that you have left
Are a few crocodile tears
Ah you don’t even know
That you’re entering your hell
As you leave my cemetary
You think you’re doing well
With that one who’s at your side
You’re as proud as you can be
Ah she’s going to make you cry
But not the way you cried for me
Ha-ha-ha-ha Ha-ha-ha-ha


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