Anyone who saw Matt’s Portal Lux Aeterna (there is a little still of the dotty video here) in the Parallel exhibition (the same one NAP was in) and then read here that the whole exhibition was going on tour for two years, may have wondered how on earth that installation of his could pack into a crate and be remounted at every gallery.

Here lies the answer. Portal Lux Aeterna V.2. Matt and I have designed and built this tiny traveling version (the fact that the box looks like a square little pig is entirely incidental). We built the wooden enclosure over the weekend and here it is before it gets it’s Black Japan woodstain. A small clamshell DVD player/screen unit sits inside with a false floor resting over the unit and I sewed a tiny poncho with theatrical curtains that slips over the stand-up screen like a glove puppet.

Viewers will look through the porthole/pignose on the front.

My friend Cath is one of those rare breeds called ‘homeowner’ and when I visit, has frequently made what seem to me like remarkable tear-down, rebuild, cut-hole-in-wall alterations. Once when I expressed admiration for her efforts she replied ‘Well I’d only call in some bloke to do it otherwise. I figure I’m as smart as some bloke’, or words to that effect.

We are both usually more electrically adept than ‘handy’ but tried we to be a bit ‘Cath’ in our approach to this little project after rejecting the idea both of adapting some existing object and of worrying over which ‘bloke’ to commission to build it for us. Now we are marching around the house quite full of ourselves, giving ‘Piggybox’ a proud pat whenever we pass. We too are as clever as ‘some bloke’.


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