Warning: Knitting update.

I haven’t posted my knitting for a while… for some time there was none, too busy over-living life and sending myself rocketing towards what my brother Chris suggests we now refer to as the ‘NervyBeeDown’.

Sidebar: Chris, this makes me think something about bumblebee striped MC Hammer pants but it’s unresolved.

Then I was too weird to post so now I shall record backwards – only photos and briefest of descriptions after this I promise – no pfaffing about. I have to make a record because I give most of it away.

If you hate this then just don’t read on when you see the word KNIT.

My friend Pip of bits of a broken something picked me up some lovely vintage plastic needles in their original paper wraps from Glenorchy market. Lovely colours, just lovely. Having just completed slippers for Matt, I picked up the green DPNs and sat down to make something for me – something quick and hopefully simple – tubular neck warmer. Like a scarf but doesn’t fall off – an independant turtleneck.

I rocketed along in feather and fan stich which was much easier and jollier than I had anticipated but had trouble casting off because I couldn’t get it stretchy enough to pull over my (trust me on this) unfeasably large coconut. Web research, web research and 4 cast off attempts later we have the suitably ruffly * K1, YO, Slip K1 over YO, K1, Slip YO over K1* and repeat between the *s.

It does double duty to protect your identity should you choose to do a burg in Elizabethan times but perhaps you would also need a fellow crim to throw a cape over any puddles as you make good your escape.

OK this is officially too long for a post about knitting. The end.

Except for thanks Pip – love ’em.


4 thoughts on “Warning: Knitting update.

  1. Please Ma’am may I have a tubular neck warmer that wont fall off? An independent turtle neck? A lovely end-less circular scarf? A round woolly neck accessory?

    You get the drift.

    I want one.


  2. You know I am trying to work out how to painlessly migrate this blog elsewhere but with no success (just seems like a giant ass pain so far) because I feel all indignant about the advertising being poked at non-LJ readers who drop in.

    When I finally get to *nameless* other blog site you won’t have to do this.

    Yes I must knit you a tube in gratitude for those needles. What colours are acceptable madam? I was thinking green or red or black or grey or maybe navy blue…

    Actually, if I am entirely honest the green collar was going to be for you and then I had a dawning realisation as I finished fastening the button that it just wouldn’t do…

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