RIP Nagi Noda

Nagi Noda was an artist I was just starting to become familiar with in the last couple of years.

She passed away last week leaving behind a body of work that I would be proud to look back on at the end of a much, much longer life. It is all elegant and hilarious.

From videos of poodle aerobics to remarkable art direction to these amazing wigs she was consistently meticulous and fresh. How did she do that?

Here is her last video, a pop promo for Japanese artist MEG, displaying all the elements that make her work so like-able. It’s all good but make sure you hang in there for the cats!

Thanks BoingBoing both for letting me know she existed in the first place and for marking her passing.


4 thoughts on “RIP Nagi Noda

  1. 1.Oooh what is the box for?

    2.Island is good, I’m actually enjoying it and it’s good exercise too!
    3.The interview was for Screen Tas.

    4.Definitely NOT a cull – I’m going to pop you right back on the roll now.

    5.We should do tea and scones again sometime soon! (or…KAWASEMI)

  2. howdy

    Its so nice to hear your blog voice once more. I am hoping that the fact you are talking about your NervBeeDown (just a suggestion for a funky new name we might use) is a sign that you are in sight of the crest of the hill. x x x yr brthr

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