NAP (horizontal/vertical) installed. Hooray.

Here it is, finally. Or rather – here it was (the exhibition closed last Sunday – excuses for not posting to come…). NAP was finally able be installed somewhere after lying dormant (quite literally I guess) for two years.

Parallell was a show where I was in remarkable company; my own Matt Warren, Pat Brassington, Eugenia Raskopoulos, Jordan Baseman, Julie Gough, Anne Ooms, Lorraine Jenyns, Ruth Frost and Alyssa Simone. Curated by Dr Brigita Ozolins, it’s thematic statement, the everyday world is not what it seems was explored roundly through the works (I was REALLY excited by other works in the show), and I greatly enjoyed being a part of it. I was also very moved by Brigitas own brave words about her encounter with an incubus while camping by a beach in her youth that open her catalogue essay. Give it a read if you can find a copy.

Sometimes video is a frustrating medium to persist with. In the end, it is just electricity and light and if it strays beyond single channel work, it never really exists until it can be installed. I was lucky to be working somewhere that I could test it in a quiet moment when it was first made, but then it had to sit quietly on a hard drive as data until there was a place for it to go and be. Now it’s going to go on tour with this show around the country till 2010. Amazing. It has not existed for two years since it’s creation. Now it has two years to catch up on it’s own existence.

Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible. Paul Klee


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