New shoes

Black leather, chunky, vintage Pierre Fontaines I found yesterday at Vinnies (FYI non-Australians, that’s St Vincent de Paul – a chain of charity shops).

People don’t seem to make nice chunky-heeled shoes anymore and it’s very rare to find vintage shoes in giant sizes. My feet are whoppers and not only that, they are also an entire size in variation between the two so the sizing has to be somewhere in-between in order for them to fit both feet.

Therefore I am not bragging. I am merely proclaiming a miracle in our midst.


3 thoughts on “New shoes

  1. I am completely jealous of both your op-shop mojo AND the fact that you have tights-weather. I miss tights. And scarves.


  2. I don’t deny that tights weather is a good thing, but it CAN be just a few more centigrade up the scale and still be tights weather. It’s feckin’ freezing back here, P!

    A day of op-shop mojo does defrost things a little though… I also found green silk witches-britches today…

  3. too many shoes and too little time

    S –
    Wow, what a find! I also have feet that rarely fit a vintage find and one new year’s day a millenia ago I wandered into a vintage place in New Orleans – I don’t remember which… and there on a bureau was a single pair of “Dorothy” shoes on it- not quite rubies but definitely sparkley red. I slipped one on my foot and it felt like a glove – a perfect fit. With both on, I clicked my heels together and proclaimed I was home… and eventually NOLA was my home…

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