Cheaty dot-point update

. We have a new car (well… new to us) and are both in furious car love.

. I have had my first anxiety attack in about 12 years and am now placing my ‘within a crowd’ presence under much stricter control.

. I started a new job at a The Island café with enormous gratitude to Elissa and Lucy for giving me a go. + making me the best coffee I’ve ever had in Hobart.

. I ended my coffee schlepping career after only one week to take up another job offer. I am now a Production Manager and Publications Coordinator/editor for a local film/multimedia company. (If all those slashes confuse you imagine how I felt in my first week).

. I’ve started the preliminary development on a collaboration with Mish Meijers. It’s exciting, fun and especially convenient because she is loaded with good sense and it means getting to hang out with her regularly which is very good for the brain. I am conscious of not abusing this privilege.

. I am trying between new-job-learning to finish some small drawings and get them in the post for a show in Vancouver. It’s called iPAWS which stands for International Psychic Amateurs’ Work/Study and it’s curated by one of the multiple personalities of the remarkable Jo Cook.

. There will be a work of mine in a show curated by Brigita Ozolins in the Long Gallery called Parallel in August. It’s also a show about slightly spooky things.

. I have Tasmanian pals at CESTA right now (Pip and Harpie) and hearing their stories of Tabor (and CESTA itself) fills me with confused feelings. I love that place and those people and wish I was there too + am so glad to be sharing that experience with friends. But my memories of it now are a little bittersweet. I hope I get to go back there one day and put my own feelings to rights.


3 thoughts on “Cheaty dot-point update

  1. Oooh new car lurrrve. How exciting!

    Let it be known that you are thought of very fondly here at CESTA (as I said, big Tasmanian shoes to fill). It’s an amazing, challenging experience – I hope you get back here too.

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